Speech Development in Bilingual Children

The Different Types of bilingualism There are two ways children become bilingual: Simultaneous and Successive. Simultaneous language acquisition is when a child is exposed to 2 languages from birth in natural situations. This often happens when both parents speak two languages to a child or each parent speaks a different language to the child (or caregivers). These children tend to

Sessions for speech sounds

Children can present with a range of different speech sound difficulties. Some children may not be able to use a specific sound or sounds in their speech. Children’s speech sound difficulties can have an impact on their ability to make them feel understood and developing reading and writing skills. I provide private speech and language therapy that focuses on an


Bilingualism is the ability to use more than one language. Children have a natural way of learning more than one language. It is important that learning two or more languages is not perceived as “confusing the child”. I provide assessments of your child’s sounds and language acquisition and advice on what to do when these problems arise. I can assess your child

Phonological assessment

This is used for children whose speech is not clear. Comprehensive assessment for speech and sound typically includes case history; oral mechanism examination; speech sound assessment (single-word testing and connected speech sampling), including severity, intelligibility, stimulability, speech perception; spoken-language testing, including receptive and expressive language assessment, phonological processing; literacy assessment. Assessment may result in diagnosis of a speech sound disorder,

Speech Development in Children When Does It Start?

Speech development in children varies greatly from age to age. Children learn sounds by listening to people speaking around them. They have been tuning into the sounds around them since before they were born and they carry on developing their ability to tune into environmental sounds and speech sounds. Babies begin by playing with sounds first of all, then babble. This babble

Severe speech difficulties

Some children fail to develop speech sounds and their speech is unintelligible. In these extreme cases one pathology is called Child Apraxia of Speech. What is Childhood Apraxia of Speech? Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is a motor speech disorder that first becomes apparent as a young child is learning speech. For reasons not yet fully understood, children with apraxia


I can provide training on: In-service Training for Nurseries, Schools, Childcare Services and Colleges   In-service training can be tailored to your requirements. I can provide a general overview of communication difficulties or more detailed information for specific difficulties. I also provide training and seminars on: • Selective mutism • Children’s language development • Sounds development • Teaching children to listen