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Anna Biavati-Smith

Mentoring and clinical supervision via Skype


This kind of enquiry has the cost of 60£ for 60 minutes conversation.

The consultation is unique and last for 60 minutes. To book more than 60 minutes you have to pay another “mentoring package”, or if the path will be longer, it will be agreed a different payment with the therapyst.

ATTENTION PLEASE: for a better consultation it’s required to fullfill a questionary that will be sent to you by my secretary at moment of booking. It will also be asked to send videos of you child while:

  1. he/she’s playing alone
  2. he/she’s playing with an adult
  3. he/she’s speaking or singing, counting numberso or repeating simple words like “mummy, daddy, grandma, banana, cookie, or his name”. It could be spontaneous or after repeating, but must be recorded frontally so that I can see how he/she articulates sounds.

The video has to be uploaded by www.wetransfer.com and share with me.

For any questions ask Laura at: laura.gargiulo@gmail.com



Mentoring and clinical supervision sessions will last 1 hour and cost £60 for a skype/video call session.

Any qualified speech and language therapist will need to be registered with The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy (RCSLT) and the Health Care Professional Council (HCPC) in order to practice. To continue to work each year each SLT will need to have completed a certain number of hours to continue their professional development and be eligible to practice.

Support may take the following forms:

  • Individual sessions where cases and clinical situations are presented and discussed. Specific advice can be given on report writing, assessment findings, therapy plans methods of intervention as well as some case management issues.
  • Second opinions- the therapist may wish Anna to offer a second opinion on a client they are seeing- helping them to draw their own conclusions needed for reports, school placements, school transfers annual statements, etc.
  • One-off initial consultations are also available where I offer support in setting up models of practice, styles of intervention, assessment discussion. These sessions may be a half or a whole day.
  • Detailed aims and objectives are drawn up as a result of the supervision session with targets set, to be reviewed at the next supervision session.
  • To ensure good practice and the delivery of a high-quality service to clients
  • To provide the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for
    professional development

If you would like any more information on the clinical supervision I offer please don’t hesitate to contact me.

For any questions email Anna at: wordstepsslt@gmail.com