Mentoring and consultations

I can offer 1:1 support sessions via skype or phone, such sessions provide the opportunity for parents, grandparents, professionals or SLT to clarify doubts, concerns and understand the child’s communication difficulties.

  • If seeking further advice
  • might wish to learn further techniques for a child’s communication difficulties
  • discuss specific details about the child’s therapy
  • any specific techniques especially for Selective Mutism
  • any other new issues

How does it work?

  • Each consultancy session lasts 1 hour
  • These sessions are booked and paid for in advance.
  • The fee for each session is £120
  • I will call you via Zoom at the agreed time.

I offer a useful service to decide what steps to take:

  • I suggest communication strategies specific to your child;
  • I suggest a variety of games and activities to use
  • I will teach you how to monitor the language and then request a visit from a professional in your area if I cannot help you directly.

How do I know if the online service is for me?

If the doubts that you have are the same as listed below, I can definitely help:

  • My child does not speak at all and is over the age of one
  • When is my child going to start talking?
  • My child does not speak well and we do not understand what he/she want to say
  • My child is exposed to two languages ​​but he/she is not yet talking
  • My child does not repeat any sounds or words
  • My child speaks at home, but when she/he’s out says nothing and looks nervous

I would stress that the phone calls are on “advice” basis and I will not diagnose your child via skype or by video. This is an “indirect service” to suggest strategies, games and provide information so that you can increase your knowledge and make an informed decision on what to do next.

Mentoring and clinical supervision sessions will last 1 hour and cost £120 for a Zoom call session.

Any qualified speech and language therapist will need to be registered with The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy (RCSLT) and the Health Care Professional Council (HCPC) in order to practice. To continue to work each year each SLT will need to have completed a certain number of hours to continue their professional development and be eligible to practice.