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Anna Biavati-Smith

fantastic SLT

Anna is our second SLT, she was amazing.

Before she came, I was very confused about my girl’s language development. The NHS SLT said she was fine and no longer need further therapies. But she only has 20 words at age of half two, Anna told me, although she will catch up, but yet she didn’t, that is the very first time I felt being understood by someone finally.

She can always bring me lots of ideas about playing with kids, she can also quantitatively tell me how will my girl develop, (I think this is very very special and important). after few months therapies, my girl was totally changed, she is now not that sensitive and becomes outgoing, now we finished our therapy, but my daughter still miss her very much. I am so grateful for her help.

She is very friendly and responsible, I think all people talked to her will know what I mean.

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- Lu -


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