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Anna Biavati-Smith

Selective mutism

My son Lucas was diagnosed with selective mutism at the age of 5.
We had never heard about selective mutism before this.
At the beginning we thought that his silence was related to bilingualism.
But when we had this diagnose we decided to look for a specialist in this matter.
It wasn’t easy to find the right person because although there are a lot of speech therapists in Edinburgh only a few (maybe 2 or 3) are specialised in selective mutism.
And then I found Anna. I knew immediately that she was the right person therapist as soon as she met Lucas and started working with him. Lucas liked her instantly and felt very relaxed with her, he laughed a lot and enjoyed the “play therapy”.
Anna started treating Lucas at school (where his mutism and anxiety was triggered) and she not only obtained immediate positive results from Lucas but she also taught other teachers how to treat and work with selective mute children.
Anna created a very consistent plan which we implemented for one year. We all worked together (teachers, parents/family and therapist) in order to lower Luca’s anxiety at school.
We met every 2/3 months in planning meetings where we talked about the plan and organised how to move forward.
After a couple of months Lucas stared talking in small groups, then he started talking with some friends and teachers after one year he started being able to speak in own his classroom in front of his friends.
Lucas is now in P2 and he is feeling relaxed and very confident. It is amazing to see him engage with other children, being able to speak naturally and laugh and enjoy!
I am very grateful with Anna because a big part of Luca’s achievement belongs to her. She guided us through this process and she taught Luca’s school teachers how to act with him.
Anna’s help has been vital for all of us. Here is the link

- Flor B -


Flor B
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