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Anna Biavati-Smith

Juliette – mother of a sm child

(About the videocourse online for parents)

This is an impressive piece of work which is already so useful to us on a daily basis.

My overall feedback is extremely positive for two main reasons:
– I feel that watching videos is much easier, pleasant and understandable than reading a book
– If I had already heard about most topics / tools, I did not know all of them and above all, I really appreciated having everything in one place with some structure around the different topics. I feel that I understand much better how each part is related to another.
 I noted the following positive points:
– the 6-hour course was broken down into mini-videos which is much more convenient if you want to watch it into different sessions or if you want to re-focus on one specific topic later on
the duration of each video is available, you know how long it is going to last before you start it
Anna’s tone of voice was very calm and pleasant, she was speaking slowly and clearly, and the music behind was nice too, so nice to listen all along
videos integrate key messages written on screen and/or illustrating pictures, it makes the videos more dynamic
– the addition of quizzes really help to better understand more complex topics such as CDI / VDI
– the addition of pdf documents to complement videos to be able to print key messages or to ease the implementation of tools with the kid (ie bravery chart)
– the addition of videos with different stakeholders such as Laura Newman adds a lot of value
– the possibility to make steps appear “complete” to be able to visualize our progression 
– the fact that we are moved to the next video automatically once we press on the “complete” button is very convenient
- Juliette -

mother of a sm child

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