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Anna Biavati-Smith

Sounds delay

In his pre-school year, aged about 4.5 yrs, my son was having some difficulty being understood and getting increasingly frustrated with this. There were a number of sounds that he couldn’t say at all and some that he could say only at the beginning of a word but not in the middle. He used unusual substitutions for these sounds making his speech very hard for others to understand. We saw Anna and she started with an initial assessment. She made my son very much at ease, he thought he was just playing some games with her and did not realise at all that he was being assessed. After this Anna assured us that his speech difficulties were very treatable and that she would work with us to help him. At the next session Anna had developed some fun activities focusing on the sounds he was struggling with and she went through these with our son with me observing. She then got me to do the activities with him to check that I had picked everything up. We were asked to do the activities with him at home, daily until our next appointment. This was no problem as he really enjoyed the activities which were varied and all good fun. After just a few sessions with Anna and the home activities, his speech had dramatically improved and we didn’t need any further treatment. Many years later he was diagnosed with EFD and speech delay can be a symptom but thanks to Anna’s expertise, being understood verbally has not been a problem for him since he started school.

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