The Loudest Roar: A book about Selective Mutism

“The Loudest Roar” by Clair Maskell is a heartwarming children’s book that follows the journey of a shy little lion named Leo who wants to find his voice and let out the loudest roar in the jungle. Through colorful illustrations and a charming narrative, the book explores themes of self-discovery, bravery, and the importance of embracing one’s uniqueness. As Leo embarks on his adventure, he learns valuable lessons about courage and self-confidence, ultimately discovering that his voice is powerful in its own special way. “The Loudest Roar” is a delightful tale that inspires children to find their inner strength and embrace who they are.

Being Brave with Selective Mutism: A Step-by-Step Guide...

If you’ve picked up this book, talking is probably pretty hard for you. Maybe you really want to talk but feel too nervous to do it when lots of eyes are on you. Perhaps you can talk to certain people but not others or you can only speak a few words in a soft voice. No matter what you are going through, the tips and activities in this book can help you to feel braver about talking.
Selective mutism can be tricky to manage. This workbook helps you and your child formulate a plan for exposure activities, and breaks down talking into attainable steps. It includes examples of games to play while practicing talking and offers sample dialogues to illustrate how to do exposures.

Tilly Tortoise - a short story by Leanne Thompson

Tilly Tortoise finds social situations tricky. Sometimes, when she feels overwhelmed she just can’t find her words! Follow Tilly’s adventures to see how she overcomes her difficulties with a little help from her friends and adults. A short story to explain situational mutism to young children- and how to help for adults!

Tilly Tortoise is the first in a series (SEND Friends) of lighthearted, rhyming stories with endearing characters that explain differences to children in a way they can relate to and understand, but also help adults and peers understand how to help and support in moments of difficulty.

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