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As a specialist, Speech and Language Therapist and an expert in the field of children’s communication difficulties (whatever the nature this might be), I understand that it is a subject that creates a lot of concern and interest among parents, grandparents, teachers and professionals who need guidance to understand how to help these children.

Do You have concerns about your child’s anxiety in communication and/or clarity of speech that keep you up at night?

You are not sure if your child needs Speech Therapy or if you can help them learn on your own.

Fill one of these questionnaires and during the consultation we will discuss your concerns and I will provide you with action steps and resources to guide you through this time of uncertainty.
I am passionate about giving you guidance so you can rest easy with the tools and strategies I give you, knowing that you are doing the best for your child!


The online consultation takes about 1 hour (it costs £200) and gives parents, educators, grandparents the opportunity to clarify doubts or concerns about their child’s communication.
Online counseling does not include the provision of phonological tests, clinical assessments,  but serves to orientate and give general guidelines for your child.
If you are a parent, the topics may concern:
  • Difficulties pronouncing sounds
  • Selective mutism
  • Specific language difficulties
  • Sharing educational strategies

I offer a useful service to decide what steps to take:

  1. Suggesting strategies to stimulate language and/or communication;
  2. Showing you how to check the progress
  3. Suggesting games and activities
  4. Teaching you how to monitor your child’s language and behavior and then request a visit from a professional in your area (if needed and if I can’t help you directly).
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