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Anna Biavati-Smith

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  • review rating 5  Anna has been a great support professionally. I reached out to her for specialist clinical supervision and she responded very efficiently. We were able to have a telephone call (due to distance) which helped so much. Anna provided resources and shared her highly specialist knowledge about Selective Mutism. She put me at ease and encouraged me to ask questions to support the case I was working on. Thank you very much! Charmaine

    thumb Charmaine Tearle

    review rating 5  Anna was such a great help to my son. She was very approachable and took things at my son's pace. My husband and I valued all the tips and suggestions she made to help us. She made the sessions fun, varied and interactive for my son. Thank you so much.

    thumb Denise Claxton

    review rating 5  Anna is a passionate professional and expert in the area of selective mutism and we can't thank her enough for the invaluable advice and support she gave us with our daughter. We have a much greater understanding of how to best support our daughter and we know that should we require any more help and support that Anna is there for us. Thank you!

    thumb Julia Fenton

    review rating 5  WOW! What an amazing training session. Our staff has just spent an engaging and interactive hour listening to Anna help us become more aware and have a deeper understanding of selective mutism. She is truly inspiring and has such a depth of knowledge. She was able, very simply and eloquently, to explain the journey of someone with this condition and we all left feeling that we, as educators were better equipped to deal with associated problems. Thank you once again Anna.

    thumb Melanie Caldwell

    review rating 5  I asked Anna to conduct an English assessment ending with a report. I brought my daughter to Anna's clinic at her home. it was a great session, my daughter interacted with Anna perfectly well and Anna was perfectly able to manage with my three years old daughter. I am perfectly fine with the report that Anna wrote and find her recommendations very useful and helpful to improve my daughter English language. If you are reading this review probably you need a certified language therapist, I would strongly recommend Anna to you. Thank you Anna 🙂

    thumb Tamer Soliman

    review rating 5  What a wonderful woman who has energy drive and commitment to ensure that people who have SM are heard

    thumb Liz Ferguson

    review rating 5  Very highly recommended, Anna is clearly an expert in her field and gave our daughter a thorough assessment, we were glad to have contacted her.

    thumb Liz Elsby

    review rating 5  Anna is not only a really experienced and knowledgeable language therapist, but she is also superb with kids. She worked with my daughter, who has Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) fairly intensively over a 6 month period. During this time Anna helped her really improve her communication skills and also massively increased her confidence, helping her to come out of her shell. I don't know what we would have done without her support. Another bonus for us has been that Anna is aware of the difficulties faced by bilingual children, but also what is not related to a child growing up with more than one language. It was so nice to meet someone who didn't just think that our daughter being slow to speak (she was around 4 at their first meeting) was due to her growing up bilingual! I can not recommend Anna strongly enough.

    thumb Flora Mackie

    review rating 5  My 9 year old son had a lateral lisp and struggled with ‘Th’ sounds. Anna worked with him over six sessions which were fun and interesting and provided exercises for us to continue with between her visits. We have seen a huge improvement with his speech and my son is much more confident and happier. I am so glad we contacted Anna for help and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.

    thumb Carol Harte

    review rating 5  Anna helped my son Marco from about the age of 3.5 till about 5 years old. She has been an absolute life saver, amazing with the wee one and superb at explaining to me and husband how to best support his needs. We are raising our children as multilingual, and as her own experiences were an absolute godsend. In addition to being a very knowledgeable professional Anna is also an amazing person. Can not recommend her ability and services high enough.

    thumb Spiridoula Athanasiadou

    review rating 5  Our 3 year old boy suffered from a severe speech disorder where he was not able to be understood by anyone but his closest family making him retreat from people. Anna was able to quickly recognise the problem, offer a course of treatment and advise how to liaise with the NHS and Nursary Staff to maximise his opportunities for help. Anna has a high energy approach that really gets the kids involved and brings you along too. I highly recommend her, she has turned a somewhat despairing situation around and allowed a little boy to really come out and show himself to be the rascal he should be.

    thumb Steve Scott

    review rating 5  Anna provided a course of speech therapy to our 4 year old daughter Savannah who was born profoundly deaf and wears cochlear implants. Anna was very professional and conducted the initial assessment which highlighted the areas of focus. During the course, we observed improvements in Savannah's speech and by the end of the course it was clear that she had benefitted. Anna developed a good relationship with Savannah and was able to get the best out of her, even at her young age. Thanks Anna

    thumb Renato Invernizzi

    review rating 5  I cannot recommend Anna highly enough. She helped my son who did not speak to any adult in school until p3, to gain confidence and he is now in p5 and able to approach the teacher and initiate speech. Anna worked with my son at his pace, she gently gained his confidence through play, starting in the environment he felt comfortable in – home, and then progressed onto working with him at school. Through the work that Anna did with him he can now speak to children in his class that he didn’t talk to for the first 3 years and he can also approach teachers to tell them if something is wrong. Anna is very knowledgeable about the psychology underlying the problem and works to increase self esteem. She really engages with the children and gets on their level and she has a wonderful energy and charisma.

    thumb angry cookie

    review rating 5  Anna is a wonderful speech therapist. She met with my daughter three times to work on her tongue thrust and she made so much progress in such a short period. She made learning and practicing the sounds fun through games and stories. My daughter looked forward to every session and was disappointed when they stopped. She speaks to children in a very direct and non-condescending way and gave helpful hints on how to work on sounds at home. Highly recommend her services!

    thumb Tara Lynch

    review rating 5  Anna worked with my son before and just after he started school and the results were fantastic. He now has lovely clear speech and we are so grateful. Anna was friendly and put him at ease right away. The therapy was all based around games and fun exercises and Anna took the time to teach us how to continue the therapy with our son between appointments in order to get the best results. I would highly recommend Word Steps

    thumb catriona anderson