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Anna brought my child on by leaps and bounds. He suffered from a very bad speech impediment and she was able to help draw him out of his shell and... read more

Maxine Dundas Avatar Maxine Dundas

I attended a course about SM run by Anna of Word Steps Speech & Language Therapy. This was an eye-opening day for me. Anna shared her extensive experience with the... read more

Suzanne Mattison Avatar Suzanne Mattison

Anna lead the training in Inverness, I came to the course half way through the day so I felt like I missed the most important parts. I took away... read more

Catherine Delacy Avatar Catherine Delacy

We are a bilingual family. When our daughter was approaching the age of 3, we noticed she was having language and communication issues. We contacted Anna after having been told... read more

C Portillo Avatar C Portillo

Thank you for the excellent training in SM which was relevant and empowering as Anna really got across with energy and enthusiasm that we can make a difference. Since the... read more

Jane Bregazzi Avatar Jane Bregazzi

Anna is our second SLT, she was amazing. Before she came, I was very confused about my girl's language development. The NHS SLT said she was fine and no... read more

Lu Li Avatar Lu Li

I contacted Anna as someone had recommended her to me through one of the selective mutism pages on Facebook. Words can’t express how grateful I will always be too Anna... read more

Abbie Douglas Avatar Abbie Douglas

Anna helped my son Marco from about the age of 3.5 till about 5 years old. She has been an absolute life saver, amazing with the wee one and superb... read more

Spiridoula Athanasiadou Avatar Spiridoula Athanasiadou

Anna was a angel in our lifes. We contacted her when my daughter was 3,5 yo with very significant speech delay and the NHS slt said she wasn't ready for... read more

lidice Cabral Avatar lidice Cabral

Very highly recommended, Anna is clearly an expert in her field and gave our daughter a thorough assessment, we were glad to have contacted her.

Liz Elsby Avatar Liz Elsby

I found Anna when my son was very young and not speaking very much at all. I was feeling very hopeless and desperate to help my son, I started looking... read more

tracy heraghty Avatar tracy heraghty

Anna has been so supportive of both me and my four year old son over the past 18 months. Our sessions whilst challenging at times were also great fun... read more

Jenny Henderson Avatar Jenny Henderson

We approached Anna to help with our little boy when he was 3, he had a severe phonological speech disorder. Anna seen us every 2 weeks and straight away we... read more

Sarah Howie Avatar Sarah Howie

We contacted Anna as our 3-year-old bilingual child seemed to have a few problems to deal with people. He didn't speak with anybody that wasn't part of the family. Not... read more


Anna is a passionate professional and expert in the area of selective mutism and we can't thank her enough for the invaluable advice and support she gave us with our... read more

Julia Fenton Avatar Julia Fenton

What a wonderful woman who has energy drive and commitment to ensure that people who have SM are heard

Liz Ferguson Avatar Liz Ferguson

Anna is absolutely incredible both for the parents and the children. She has healed our 6year old daughter from SM after a 2- year mute period in school. We cannot... read more

rotem biton Avatar rotem biton

My 9 year old son had a lateral lisp and struggled with ‘Th’ sounds. Anna worked with him over six sessions which were fun and interesting and provided exercises for... read more

Carol Harte Avatar Carol Harte
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