As a Specialised Speech and Language Therapist I am here to support you in understanding your child’s communication pathway and help you in case your child is not following the “normal” developmental patterns.
If you are a parent, a teacher or another SLT, here is what I can offer:


As a specialist, Speech and Language Therapist and an expert in the field of children’s communication difficulties (whatever the nature this might be), I understand that it is a subject that creates a lot of concern and interest among parents, grandparents, teachers and professionals who need guidance to understand how to help these children.

Do You have concerns about your child’s communication, speech or language skills that keep you up at night?
If you are a parent or a professional (SLT, teacher or else) and you wish to discuss strategies, therapy tips or just advice, please book a personal telephone consultation with me.
This will take place via skype or phonecall (please tick the box on the form).
Please fill one of the inquiry forms that applies to you. then I will email you with my availabilities and then the consultation needs to be paid (via paypal or bank details) prior to our phonecall.
The cost of this is £200
You can find more info on this article

Do You have concerns about your child’s communication? Fill one of these questionnaires we’ll discuss your concerns. I will provide you with action steps, evaluate if therapy is needed and guide you through this time of uncertainty


If you are seeking further advice, or you might wish to explore other activities and learn about further techniques for your child’s communication difficulties I can offer 1 to 1 support sessions via Zoom.

  • Each consultancy session lasts 1 hour
  • These sessions are booked and paid for in advance
  • The fee for each session is £200
  • A receipt will be sent to you at the end of the month
  • I will call you via Zoom at the agreed time

Such sessions provide the opportunity for parents, grandparents, professionals or SLT to clarify doubts, concerns and understand the child’s communication difficulties.

I offer a useful service to decide what steps to take:

  • I suggest communication strategies specific to your child
  • I suggest a variety of games and activities to use
  • Furthermore, I will teach you how to monitor the language and then request a visit from a professional in your area if I cannot help you directly
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