Help your child to communicate?

My word for communication is TRANSFORMATIONAL, I aim to support families and school, understanding Selective Mutism. I want parents to know that they are not alone in raising a child with anxiety.

I am a highly specialist Speech and Language Therapist sharing knowledge about Selective Mutism in my clinic, via YouTube and training.

Foremost I believe in empowering both parents and children to find the strength to overcome life challenges. Selective Mutism has a big impact on the whole family so I created an online course for parents  (soon I will also provide one for schools and therapists).

My mission to help families reflect, resolve, and restart by using the right strategies as well as finding your child’s superpowers, you will see such an amazing change in the child’s self-esteem, and words will start to emerge.

Everyone says that your child is ‘just’ shy but you know that it is more than shyness. You spend time searching and worrying.

As a therapist I support children to communicate and I’d your child speaks freely at home but struggles to do so outside, this is more than shyness.

Your child is on his own in the playground, worried and scared… or happy at home but frozen outside

You’re exhausted and you don’t know where to start

You have tried everything but nothing seems to work or people don’t understand.

So, that's why...

👉 You spend hours searching but you don’t know where to start

👉 Nobody outside the home believes you

👉 Your child is very anxious in many situations

👉 Everyone keeps saying that he/she is shy

👉 “Don’t worry he/she will grow out of it”

👉 “You worry too much” so you start to feel inadequate 

👉At school staff doesn’t know what to do

👉There is no structured plan in place so everyone does their own things using their own strategies, that although they might be the good ones, but there isn’t a TEAM AROUND THE CHILD

👉 It’s been the same story for months. Years even. 

The course includes:

  • Over 6 hours of video lessons
  • Presentations
  • Selective Mutism Workbook for the whole family
  • Learning quizzes
  • Learning divided in 7 sections
  • Talking map
  • Treatment and strategies
  • Bravery charts
  • Techniques
  • A Free Zoom Meeting with Anna Biavati – Smith

Find out if it is the right course for you

Through this course you will learn:

  • What selective mutism is
  • What are the steps to help your child
  • What does therapy involve

and more:

  • informative pdfs
  • forms and diaries to observe your child
  • brave talking
  • many techniques to help your child
  • indications about therapy
  • how to involve the school

Frequently Asked Questions

For parents of children from 0 till 12 years old

The course is at early bird price of 107£ instead of 197£

Parents, carers, grandparents.. as I will be releasing soon the course for schools and one for therapists

The course is average 6 hours + lots of pdf and stuff

You have access to this course for one year from the date of enrollment. In my experience, this is enough time.

Every year I add more resources and you can keep your subscription at a lower cost, send me an email and I’ll be happy to send you info. Email me at

For optimum results, use this course while working with a qualified Speech-Language Therapist or a therapist specialised in SM. This course is designed to provide general education and resources.

Cancellations and refunds are not offered. Please reach out to Anna at if you have a question about the course.

This is an online course and when you buy it you will have a username and password.

You can start the course as soon as you have the username and password and you can take your own time in watching the videos when you want and when you can.

Currently this is the only course but I am planning to create a course both for schools and professionals separately.

After purchasing you will receive an e-mail of completed order in which you will find the link to Register and choose a date and time.

Of course! The automated system generates a personalized certificate of completion. Always remember to click on the “complete” button under each lesson to see your progress in attending the course, and after the last lesson you will automatically receive the certificate generated.

Anna Biavati - Smith SLT presents
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