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Welcome to Wordsteps, my name is Anna Biavati and I am a private Specialist Speech and Language Therapist based in Edinburgh.

I am specialized in Selective Mutism and I love to share my knowledge with parents that need help. You can find more info about what I can offer here.

In Edinburgh, I have a lovely therapy room where you can come and feel relaxed with your child, and my aim is to play and make your child feel at home because this will help your child to find it easier to transfer skills they were learning in therapy.

I work across the central belt of Scotland mainly as this is an area that I manage to cover, so anything between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

 I aim to empower not only the children that I support but also their parents and involved professionals.

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Do You have concerns about your child’s communication? Fill one of these questionnaires we’ll discuss your concerns. I will provide you with action steps, evaluate if therapy is needed and guide you through this time of uncertainty

WordSteps and The Steps to Brave Talking Method


I’m a Speech and Language Therapist, specialized in Selective Mutism and I am here to support you in understanding your child’s communication pathway and help you.
Here is what I can offer:


Here you can find some useful books or toys to play with together with your child to improve communication and work and play with fun.
Take a look and see what I suggest:

I like writing new articles, keeping you updated with activities, methods, ideas and much more.

Selective Mutism Training and Support

Do you want to help your child to overcome the fear of talking outside your home? This is my best [...]

Learn by watching all my practical tips how to support your child with all aspects of communication

“Does my child REALLY have selective mutism?”

This is something a lot of parents have emailed me about. And honestly, I can completely see why! That’s why today, I wanted to really clear the fog around selective mutism. So you regain a sense of peace by knowing for sure whether your child has it. And then from there, you’ll know EXACTLY how to help your child.

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Mentoring and supervision for therapists

Contact me for my step by step approach for supporting parents, carers and professionals.

Supporting children with selective mutism (SM) is complex.

Speech therapists need special skills and careful ways to help. I think supervision is really important for therapists working with kids with SM. It helps them learn better ways to help and grow professionally.

During the supervision calls, I want to offer a place for therapists to address their own countertransference and emotional reactions when working with clients with SM.

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"Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn" - O.Fred Donaldson

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