Selective Mutism Training and Support

My mission to help families reflect, resolve and restart. My job is to support, encourage and motivate people in realizing there is a way to find communication and the words are hiding as they are scared.

By tweaking our environment, using the right strategies as well as finding your child’s superpowers, you will see such an amazing change in the child’s self esteem, that words will start to emerge.

As a therapist, I know the importance of helping your child to feel less anxious and start to communicate.

Why wait?
Make a difference in your child’s life today

You need to know what to do and your child needs to learn to communicate effectively outside your home. You can’t afford to spend months on a waitlist or to “wait and see” if your child manages to get rid of their fear on their own.

Learn to help your child with my simple, step-by-step process that fits into your daily routines. By using effective techniques and modifying your expectations, you will feel empowered and able to support your child in many situations, not speaking for him/her but empowering and building the courage to communicate.

I am working on the new course.

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