Selective Mutism Training and Support

Do you want to help your child to overcome the fear of talking outside your home?

This is my best program ever, it has been 15 years in the making and been improved and refined to the actual practical program

“I am so excited to say that the cart is finally open and I’m accepting new families right now”. 

You have been learning about the BRAVE MUSCLE METHOD and why it’s the best way to HELP YOUR CHILD TO OVERCOME THE FEAR OF TALKING OUTSIDE YOUR HOME.


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1 thought on “Selective Mutism Training and Support”

  1. Donna-Marie Foster

    I find you easy to listen to, learn from and encouraging to know that there are ways to overcome this. Thank you. I am meeting a 10 year old boy today who God has told me he is going to speak and after seeing your content I know he will.
    Thank you Anna.

    -Donna-Marie –

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