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The benefit of Bilingualism

In This video I describe what is bilingualism, and certainly it is NOT bilingualism that causes a language delay. Speaking more than one language is amazing. Anna Biavati-Smith Specialist Speech and language Therapist © Copyright 2017 edinburgh-speech-therapy-wordsteps.co.uk . All rights reserved.

Selective Mutism and bilingualism

Headline News: Rising number of anxious polyglots Phil Thomason is a father of three children, the eldest of which was diagnosed with selective mutism in 2007 after 5 years silence in the school setting. Following the advice available his child has since overcome the disorder, and Phil has since dedicated a lot of his spare time to the SMIRA cause online

Speech Development in Bilingual Children

The Different Types of bilingualism There are two ways children become bilingual: Simultaneous and Successive. Simultaneous language acquisition is when a child is exposed to 2 languages from birth in natural situations. This often happens when both parents speak two languages to a child or each parent speaks a different language to the child (or caregivers). These children tend to


Bilingualism is the ability to use more than one language. Children have a natural way of learning more than one language. It is important that learning two or more languages is not perceived as “confusing the child”. I provide assessments of your child’s sounds and language acquisition and advice on what to do when these problems arise. I can assess your child