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Selective Mutism: answering questions at Christmas time

Children with Selective Mutism find it hard to answer questions and at Christmas time everyone is prone to ask more […]

Selective Mutism working with the senses

In this video I explore how important is to stimulate senses to lower your child anxiety.

Selective Mutism: What does it mean?

Here's one of my first videos in which I explore what is selective mutism. Watch this video to know more [...]

Last videos from Speech and sounds

Help your child use two or more words

How can you help your child use more than one word? Anna Biavati-Smith Specialist Speech and language Therapist © Copyright […]

Help your child with language: the power of the choice

Always give your child a choice… that will help develop language Anna Biavati-Smith Specialist Speech and language Therapist © Copyright […]

How to teach your child to speak: from imitation to words

In this video I talk about the 8 stages before a child will start to speak. Imitation is an important […]

Last videos from Bilingualism

The benefit of Bilingualism

In This video I describe what is bilingualism, and certainly it is NOT bilingualism that causes a language delay. Speaking […]

Bilingualism: Facts and mistakes

Let’s explore the facts and myths about bilingualism What should we say and NOT say to parents who are raising […]

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