19th-20th November 2020 SM online course

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Understanding Selective Mutism and Learning Practical Strategies

Training event on 19th November 2020 and 26th November 2020

Selective Mutism: Fear of communication

About this Event


When children do not speak to certain people it is commonly mistaken for shyness, stubbornness, rudeness or attention seeking.

Consistent inability to speak in certain situations is usually linked to a specific phobia of talking which, if mishandled, can become increasingly entrenched and difficult to overcome.

It is important to understand the difference between shyness, refusal or inability to speak. Above all teachers, parents and carers need to know how to handle the silence appropriately.


  • To identify features of Selective Mutism in children who are reluctant talkers
  • To provide strategies
  • To know where you can go to get further help
  • Empower staff and parents to recognize the difference between shyness and ‘selective mutism’
  • Help children and teens break their silence

This training will also equip concerned parents with a toolbox of effective skills and strategies that they can use to help their anxious child feel reassured and develop the confidence to overcome their anxious emotions.

This is a very practical workshop looking at all the stages of confident speaking and activities and strategies and techniques.

Ideal for:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Early years practitioners
  • Education support staff
  • Speech therapists

Please note: This course will be run as an online training session via Zoom. When you book, you will receive information about how to access the training and how the session will be run.

Tickets and dates

You can choose to attend the first module only or both.

The first module will take place the 19th November from 9.30am to 12.30pm via Zoom (link will be sent privately)

The second one (that can be attended only if you have attended to the first) is more practical and will take place the 26th November from 9.30am to 12.30pm (via Zoom too)

So be sure to choose the super discount for both modules by choosing them now.

Or, if you wish to attend the first one, you can ask me to attend to the second one simply by asking via mail: events@edinburgh-speech-therapy-wordsteps.co.uk and we will send you info about payment.



Anna Biavati-Smith is a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, who supports children with many different speech and language disorders, unusual bilingual acquisition and selective mutism. She is a joint founder and a committee member of the National Selective Mutism CEN (clinical excellence network) and offers specialist training in Scotland, UK and overseas. She has supported many families and schools in the last 13 years mainly on Selective Mutism (SM). “I am very passionate about Selective Mutism and I would like people to recognize it and know where to get support and apply strategies”.

Other Information

This is a two day event

Another way to pay:

Payment can be made in several different ways:

• By Bank Transfer

• Or I can go on your suppliers’ list (that is what I have done for other schools)

If you want to pay this way or for any specific information or queries, please contact Anna Biavati-Smith events@edinburgh-speech-therapy-wordsteps.co.uk with subject “SM online course info”

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