Trying to help with selective mutism

Today I want to share with you something amazing that happened to me.
It all started 5 years ago when my daughter was still young and loved going to the play park, whilst she was having fun, I started to look around soaking in the joy that children had having fun together.
They were playing and laughing, being loud and having fun and a little girl maybe aged 4, was on her own and like me, she was watching them all.“Mum, why is that little girl not talking? Doesn’t she want to play? Why is she on her own?” commented another girl who happened to be near me.

I sat down on a bench and next to me there was another lady who overheard this conversation and she looked at me embarrassed and said: “That is my little girl, she wants to play but she cannot talk, I don’t know what to do as she is so happy and super chatty at home, it is like she does not want to talk, I have asked her why but she doesn’t know”.
At that time I had already started to work and support families with children with Selective Mutism and I could not believe that nobody had told that lady that this is what her girl might have been experiencing.
Fear… pure fear… and her alarm system was playing in her brain.

I sat there listening to this mum pouring out her worries and wanting to help her girl but she did not know anything about SM.

“What am I going to do?” she added and in the same moment I thought the same… “shall I tell her what I do, shall I share what I know?”

So I thought… if I buy something nice, or I eat in a lovely restaurant I would talk about it, I would share my experience so why shouldn’t I share about Selective Mutism?
I told her what I did and I shared my website and youtube channel.
She was so grateful and could not believe her luck (is it luck or did she manifest the need for help?).
She got in touch a few months later to say that they had started implementing strategies, they involved the school, as well as a therapist, and the girl was starting to make progress and she asked me to make more videos.

This is what I love doing: sharing knowledge and good practice, and since then I have supported many more families, as well as making over 60 videos and written 40 blog articles, training schools, therapists and sharing all about Selective Mutism.
The requests kept coming and I realized that I could not see everyone who contacted me and that not everyone could afford (as I am a private therapist) 6 months of therapeutic support.

I collected all the most frequent questions that parents asked me, and together with the clinical aspect of selective mutism, I created the SELECTIVE MUTISM COURSE FOR PARENTSover 6 hours of videos, 30 pdf, and much more, so parents could feel supported.
That is more than 10 hours spent with me, that parents can access whenever they want, to learn, understand, apply strategies and find a connection to support their child to find their communications skills.
It is an easier way to learn step by step.
I launched the course at the beginning of February.

COVID has left many parents with financial difficulties and I totally understand the current situation for many people that are going, so for the next four weeks the course will be at discounted price at £127 instead of £197.
I will review the situation in a month time.

Also, every purchase will be added to a draw and EVERY MONTH I will draw 2 winners for one of the books for children on selective Mutism. (this will be selected depending on your child’s age).

Take a look!

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